About Ms. Serdoncillo

Ms S

I’ve been with the Braddock Drive Gifted Magnet family for over 12 years. Prior to that I’ve taught at another school for 7 years.

Some of the things I enjoy doing are reading books, baking with my daughter, riding my mountain bike and road bike, and watching movies. Some of my all-time favorite novels are the Harry Potter series and other adventure and mystery books. When I was a child, I enjoyed reading Nancy Drew books and Choose-Your-Own Adventure books.

When I was in school, my favorite subjects were Math, Science, and History. The hardest thing about school when I was younger was art and making crafts because I’m not naturally artistic. I enjoyed solving math problems, doing puzzles such as the Rubix cube, and reading all sorts of novels.

I love working with children. My favorite moments are when I see them figure things out on their own and have what I call a “lightbulb moment”. We will work hard this year, persevere in all our tasks no matter how difficult it may seem, accept and learn from our mistakes, and celebrate both our small and big accomplishments.

Welcome and we will have a great year together!