Welcome Letter


Dear Parents/Guardians,

I’m delighted that your child is in my second grade gifted magnet class this school year. We have developed a classroom discipline plan that affords every student some guidance in making the right decisions about his or her behavior in school. These rules will help them learn in a positive, safe, and nurturing classroom.

• The Golden Rule: Treat others as you want to be treated.
• Respect other people’s properties: the school’s, teacher’s, & friend’s.
• Focus on the work you’re doing and finish it in a timely manner.
• Ask permission from the teacher before leaving the classroom.
• Use the restrooms before school, during recess, & lunch times.
• Use friendly language & actions towards everyone at school.

• Rewards will be earned for good behavior and completed work, rewards such as stickers, pencils, bookmarks, treats, and other fun stuff.
• Extra privileges on working at the learning centers such as the computer center, game center, or reading center.

• 1st strike: conversation with the teacher
• 2nd strike: write up a Reflection Paper & a classroom privilege is taken away
• 3rd strike: note or call to the parents, possibly a report will be made

• On Mondays, I will give the Spelling/Vocabulary Packet that has the weekly words and the daily homework. Your child will write down the daily assignment on the Spelling Homework
notebook that will be given to you. Spelling & Vocabulary Tests are on Fridays.
• A poem is assigned every week (except the first week of school). On Fridays, everyone will recite the poem. A reward system & a consequence system are in place for this assignment.
• Daily Math and Grammar Homework are assigned except on Fridays.
• A Reading Log is a daily homework. They need to read 10 minutes or more each day, log the info on the Reading Log, and parents need to put their initials on the Reading Log.
I check this everyday.
• Projects will be assigned & turned in on specific dates. Usually students will be given 2 weeks to complete such projects.
For any questions or concerns, please write a note for me & place it in the Homework Folder. Thank you so much for all your support. I look forward to a very productive and fun
academic year with all of you.

Ms. S.