About Mrs. Afridi

Mrs. Afridi was born in Hayward, CA and grew up in Fremont, CA, both located up north. When she started graduate school at UCLA, she moved to the Los Angeles area. Her family is originally from Pakistan and both her parents immigrated to the United States before she was born. Even though she has never been to Pakistan herself, she is very in touch with her culture as a result of her upbringing. Mrs. Afridi went to college in San Francisco at the University of San Francisco and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. After college, she became passionate about teaching through her various tutoring positions and obtained a job at a school in northern California where she taught both third as well as fourth grade. This is Mrs. Afridi’s first year with Braddock Drive Magnet School. In addition to teaching full time, she will also be attending UCLA in pursuit of her Master’s Degree in Education.

Mrs. Afridi’s core philosophy as an educator is to provide students with a culturally relevant, but also diverse curriculum, to help facilitate acceptance and appreciation for the differences amongst them. She provides her students with a well-balanced education that is both academically challenging and also develops students’ social and emotional needs. She encourages students to use their critical lens to analyze any and everything they engage with. Her classroom will provide a literature rich environment through Reader’s Workshop and whole group novels as well as build upon analytical skills through cognitively guided instruction in mathematics.

Mrs. Afridi fluently speaks Urdu and Hindi, which she learned from her mom at home. She loves learning languages and hopes to be fluent in Spanish one day. She has been married for three years now and her husband and she have a cat named Albus Dumbledore Shah, who is the baby of their family.

Mrs. Afridi truly loves her job as a teacher and can’t wait to meet and develop relationships with her new students this upcoming school year.