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No tricks. Just treats.
How adorable were the kids parading around in their costumes? We had everyone from Darth Vader to Dinosaurs at Braddock, and the “papa”razzi was in full effect.

From our new Fall Gardening Program to field trips and assemblies, there is much to report on this month. Next month’s newsletter submissions will be due the week before Thanksgiving, and we will still have a December 1st release.

If you don’t see something you want to know about, let us know at

In the mean time, let’s get right to the news …


On October 20th, the second graders, sporting all red shirts, boarded a bus to the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium. Their field trip included a scavenger hunt for seashells, seagull feathers, seaweed, and rocks. They drew circles in the sand around trash, so that it was more easily located by a cleanup crew. Inside the aquarium, the students touched sea stars, Chestnut Hermit Crabs, and lots of fish!

Prior to the trip, the students completed a project about penguins, where each group of three was assigned a different type of penguin. In class, they studied about the healing and regrowth of coral reef.

Second grade is reading Stuart Little in class, and in math, they are working on multi-step word problems, multiplication, and two digit addition/subtraction.


Novels completed:
– The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo
– The Witches by Roald Dahl

Novels in progress:
– Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling
– The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo

Students have written six paragraph informational reports on world biomes, first person character backstories and are currently working on opinion writing.

Math has included concepts of inverse operations and relationships of factors in multiplication and division. Students have learned how to multiply by two digit numbers, work long division problems, simplify fractions and find equivalent fractions. Cooperative teams have been working on CGI math, such as solving real world problems in equal sharing.

We have begun work on this year’s musical. We are working on movement and choreography as well as character development. We have begun to work with the band instruments that are part of the show.

Our tech projects include creating science related comic strips, using art software, and creating short animations in Frames animation software.


The October Stem Challenge in fourth grade was to create a Pumpkin Stand with only flexible straws, 3 feet of masking take, and scissors.

Everyone accomplished the challenge and the two teams who had the most creative stands won pumpkins!

Also for the month of October, fourth graders are reading the whole class novel, Wonder. The challenge for them is to choose kindness for our classroom community. Furthermore, we are focusing on the fourth grade standards of character analysis to infer character traits and analyzing point of view as the novel is told in many different perspectives. Our classroom project that students are still finalizing is a word cloud for the character of Via. A word cloud is an image composed of words used in a particular text or subject, in which the size of each word indicates its frequency or importance. We are using the character traits of Via to create an image of her with those words. We co-created a word cloud of Via using a website called Tagxedo on my computer. Attached is the co-created word cloud.

Lastly, as we analyze characters in Wonder, we are also analyzing characters in a different manner through our Shared Reading texts for the week. We have been using our critical media lenses to discuss characters in the Disney stories of Peter Man as well as Mulan. We have been digging deeper in the portrayal of stereotypes of men and women in these stories through the analysis of the characters’ roles in the stories.

Fourth graders are critical thinkers and engineers in Room 9!

By: Rabell Afridi


Language Arts: During the month of November, we will be shifting our focus from narrative writing, to the informational writing genre. Students will be collecting ideas and subjects that will become the topics of their papers. Students will dedicate their Writer’s Workshop to learning, developing and extending their knowledge about the informational genre. The culmination of the unit, will be an in class informational piece of writing.

Math: This month in math, students will also be transitioning from the exploration and application of decimals to fractions. Students will be given the opportunity to apply their fraction knowledge when they construct their own Bakery through an in class project.

Science: Our science unit for this month is Watery Planet. We will be doing hands on activities and experiments through mystery science. We will also be using our Foss book and materials to further supplement and investigate the water cycle.

Social Studies: We will be focusing on life in the early colonies. Students will investigate what it was like to live in the 13 colonies. Students will take on the role of colonists and put together a poster to try to persuade others to come settle in their assigned colony.


Braddock’s Gardening Program has begun! Please be sure to dress your child accordingly with closed toed shoes, appropriate clothes, and sunscreen per the schedule below.

Every day, 3-4 Braddock teachers will rotate through a 45 minute morning class, and every Braddock classroom will have Gardening twice this fall as part of this special Gardening Program. For the Magnet program, here is the current schedule:

Wed 10/25 Ms.S
Th 10/26 Ms. Hart

Wed 11/1 Ms. Afridi
Th 11/2 Ms. Benitez
Wed 11/15 Ms.S
Th 11/16 Ms. Hart
Wed 11/29 Ms. Afridi
Th 11/30 Ms. Benitez

We set out with a goal of 100% participation in our annual fundraiser, and 3rd and 4th grade really showed out, topping all the rest! They were nearly tied at 74%, so both classes will be receiving a pizza party!

We had 64% participation in the fund drive! All of the classes did so well, the board has decided that popsicles are in order! Some time before the Thanksgiving break, all magnet students will be surprised with a popsicle party for their handwork fundraising this year.

The numbers for annual giving this year are fantastic. You all worked so hard to make this happen.


Lastly, a huge thank you to every family who donated!

Our overall goal was $30,000 for this fundraiser, and we are still just shy of it. Though the competition is over, we will fundraise through Parent/Teacher Conference Week. There will be a box in each classroom, where you can donate to Friends of Braddock during the conference with your child’s teacher.

It’s never too late to donate, so that your child can benefit from field trips, a teacher’s assistant, and an enhanced experience at Braddock Gifted Magnet:

1. Send a check to school in your child’s homework folder. Label the envelope “FOB Annual Giving, c/o Diego, Room 9” and indicate your child’s name and grade in the notes section of the check.

2. Donate via the PayPal link on our website: Type your child’s name and grade in the optional “Note” box. You can choose to pay now or in future installments, which can be set up through the Paypal link.


Let’s get healthy!! Drop off your child as early as 7:40am for RUNNING CLUB (1st-5th grade)! Ms Martinez and 2 Magnet parent volunteers will help guide your child as they run laps near the Reading Garden to collect rewards and get some exercise!

After you drop off your child this early, stay and help other kids get to school safely by volunteering in the valet lane. If every parent puts in 2-3 shifts for the school year, valet lane would be fully covered!

Interested parents can send Mrs. Granados and Grace Ma an email. Mrs. Granados will then send home an authorization form. Parents then join with on the job training.


Save the date for the upcoming Braddock Math Night on Thursday November 16 from 5-6pm, hosted by our wonderful Braddock teachers! Activities will include Math-themed rooms! More information to come.


We came in FIRST PLACE in The Del Rey Bee spelling competition at today’s 2017 Del Rey Day. Good job on our two students finishing in the final three, and taking home the trophy! Go Braddock Bobcats!!!


With the help of an anonymous $250,000 gift, some students in both the Gifted Magnet program and the Traditional Program will benefit from the work of the Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra.

Kaleidoscope recently formed a partnership with Braddock for a new education program providing music appreciation classes to 100 students each week, leading to instrumental instruction in the future.

This chamber orchestra is unique in its fourth season featuring 24 premieres from 18 living composers, actively working to provide more opportunity to women composers and composers of color. Performances dot the greater Los Angeles area from the Walt Disney Concert Hall downtown to First Presbyterian in Santa Monica, reaching new and more diverse audiences also through a donation based “pay what you can” model. Most performances this season are at 10PM on Saturdays in downtown Los Angeles, and 2PM on Sundays in Santa Monica.

More news is coming soon, but this program will start with Ms. S’ class and three of the traditional school classes. For more information on Kaleidoscope, their website is an amazing reference in English and Spanish.

California Science Center conducted assemblies on campus for the entire school! Not only did your children build and launch rockets, they experimented with a number of chemical reactions.

This event was funded by FOB and SBDES These are your donation dollars at work. Thank you!

THE first “Fun”raiser of the school year, our Diwali Game Night Party, was a lovely time to meet other Braddock Magnet Parents. Partygoers enjoyed Indian food and culture, while raising funds for our kids. We appreciate everyone that came and supported this event! A huge thank you to our wonderful hostess and Braddock parent, Nisha Thaker Vora!

If you’re like many people these days, Amazon is probably already something you use to buy presents or items you need around the house.

With the Amazon Smiles program, everything you buy is done through a special link that sends a portion of Amazon’s profits to Braddock Gifted. That new Android app or that cool new gizmo can not only make you happy, but it can help educate our children.

Please bookmark the Amazon Smiles page and use it when you shop on Amazon — nothing else will change, but you’ll be investing in your own family.

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If you have any friends with gifted kids at other schools that are looking for a great school, invite them to the upcoming Braddock Gifted Magnet tour on Monday, November 6, 2017 at 8:30am!

11/6-11/9 Parent Teacher Conference Week
11/6 Minimum Day (School ends at 12:40pm)
11/7 Mandarin Tour (9am)
11/7 Regular Dismissal (THIS IS A TUESDAY WITH NO EARLY OUT)
11/8 Minimum Day (School ends at 12:40pm)
11/9 Minimum Day (School ends at 12:40pm)
11/10 Veterans Day (NO SCHOOL)
11/14 Picture Makeup Day
11/14 Early Dismissal (1:25pm)
11/20-24 Thanksgiving Break (NO SCHOOL)
11/28 Early Dismissal (1:25)
11/30 Anti-Bullying Puppet Show (3rd Grade Only)