October Monthly Magnet Newsletter

Let’s Get Ready To Roar.

Welcome to The Monthly Magnet, a newsletter intended to bring you the news about what’s going on with the people who take care of the most important people in our lives: our children. 

I’m your Editor in Chief, Myshell Tabu. This isn’t just a broadcast, it’s a conversation. If you don’t see something you want to know about, let me know!

If you would like to submit a story to The Monthly Magnet, please email BraddockMagNews@gmail.com. Submissions (suggestions, pictures, reminders, events) should be sent  by the last week of October for next month’s newsletter. The Monthly Magnet will always arrive on or slightly before the first of the month.

In the mean time, let’s get right to the news …


The second graders in room 12 have been working hard this semester. They have already completed a project about government careers and another comparing two of their favorite fairytale characters. Both projects required the
five paragraph essay structure.

In math, they are moving into multiplication and continuing with CGI strategies for subtraction word problems. Work is not all they do! Each Monday, they have dance class. This past Sunday, the class also got together for a play date at Glen Alla park, where they swung, jumped rope, climbed, and shared snacks. Parents had a chance to chat about the year thus far.


To determine their student of the week, the fifth grade class focuses on a character trait for the week (Encouragers, Good Citizens, Leaders, etc). Students are allowed to nominate others they believe embody these traits. Ms. Benitez makes the final decision, and that student receives a certificate, a small prize, and recognition as Student of the Week.

Special Areas of Academic Focus:  Trail of Tears Webquest. Students are gathering information from an Indigenous American perspective about the Trail of Tears.  As a culmination to the webquest, students will draft a memorial/monument idea that honors those forced to travel the Trail of Tears.

Each student is also putting together a personal budget using research on the computer. The project focuses on performing operations with multi digit whole numbers and decimals to the hundredths.


There was a great turn out for the launch of the Fall Gardening Program. Led by a teacher from Star Inc. Gardening Program, this event featured a chance to …
  • Spread fresh soil and compost in the the garden boxes
  • Plant seeds
  • Spread new mulch in the Kubota Garden and Reading Garden
  • Make smoothies using a bicycle-powered blender on a kid-sized bike
… and everyone took home a planted seed in a cup.
The next Beautification date will be in November, so be on the look out. The plan is to plant the Reading Garden. Whereas, this past Saturday, the focus was the Kubota flowers and vegetable garden to launch the new
Gardening Program for this fall. 


100% participation in our annual fundraiser means every family gives something — no matter how large or small the donation is.

The class with the highest level of participation on October 31st will win a Fabulous Pizza Party for their class. Last year Ms S’ 2nd grade won the contest and had a Pizza Party  – will they do it again this year???

There are 3 easy ways to donate:

1.     Send a check to school in your child’s homework folder.  Label the envelope “FOB Annual Giving, c/o Diego, Room 9” and indicate your child’s name and grade in the notes section of the check.

2.     Donate via the PayPal link on our website: http://www.braddockgftedmagnet.org/   Type your child’s name and grade in the optional “Note” box.  You can choose to pay now or in future installments, which can be set up through the Paypal link. Donations made before October 31st will qualify for the Classroom Pizza Party Contest!!

3.     Pay via credit card at school pick upOur FOB Treasurer, Carlos Colorado will be available after school Friday, October 6 to swipe your credit card or collect your check.


WHEN: Friday, October 6, 2017 from 10:30-11:30 AM
WHERE: The Parent Center

Come on out for the first “One School” committee meeting, bringing together parents from the Gifted Magnet Program, the Mandarin Dual Language Immersion Program and the Traditional Program. Parents from three different instructional programs come together to work collaboratively for a shared goal of student success.

Bring your ideas and your energy to help us make Braddock the best school it can possibly be!

Valet Call For Volunteers

We’d like to thank all the valet volunteers who have helped out! If you have some extra time in the morning, we would love to have your help in assisting the valet program. Interested parents can send Mrs. Granados an email.  Mrs. Granados will then send home an authorization form.  Parents then join with on the job training.



As our valet program is underway, we’d also like to remind parents of tips to make the valet lane efficient and safe:

  • Prep your child as you enter the lane so they are ready to go with the backpack when the door opens
  • Child should be sitting on the right passenger side
  • Drivers pull all the way up in the valet lane (to the yellow sign at the light post); NO stopping half way
  • Do not allow to your child to get out on his/her own even if traffic is backed up; this slows down the flow.
  • Allow the valet volunteer to assist children from the car. Drivers do not need to exit their vehicles; again, this slows down the flow.
  • Please respect the valet volunteers and other drivers, and honor their requests
  • Respect the rules of traffic safety! Drive like your children live in the neighborhood.
  • No U-turns are allowed, even to get into the valet lane


Thanks to some parents that applied for a PE grant, we have a PE program for several teachers at this school for the next 2 years. The purpose of this program is to have an outside LAUSD PE Teacher train several Braddock teachers to improve their PE classes. We are privileged to have our 5th grade Magnet Teacher Ms Benitez participating in this program once a week.

You Have A Friend Request

If you’re not a part of the Parents of Braddock Gifted Magnet Facebook group, you’re really missing out.

58 members strong, you won’t find the latest memes or chain letters you have to send to ten people or you’ll have horrible luck.

What you’ll find is …

  • Event updates, like our Beautification Day (more on that in a moment)
  • Extracurricular activities available to your kids, like Telescope Night at Marina del Rey Middle School
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • and much more!

Please log into Facebook, cruise past your notifications and join the group to find out what’s going on!


One of the most fun things parents can do to help support Braddock Gifted Magnet’s work in giving our children a world-class education is Party Book.

“What’s Party Book?” Here’s how it works …

  • You throw a party, providing food, drinks and so on
  • You charge guests admission
  • The money you raise gets donated to the school

It’s a classic win-win scenario. On one hand, you get to throw an awesome party (many people have done theme parties, such as a Video Game Van or Laser Tag). On the other hand, the school gets money to help with many of the materials and specialists that enrich our children’s education.

Interested? Please contact Lili Yen and we’ll look forward to getting an invitation!

  • 10/2: College Awareness Month Begins
  • 10/2: CHOICES Application for Dual Language and Magnet Programs Opens
  • 10/3: Banked Time Dismissal at 1:25 PM
  • 10/6: Automatic Retest Day
  • 10/6: Coffee with the Principal, 8:15 AM, Parent Center
  • 10/6: One School Committee Meeting, 10:30 AM, Parent Center
  • 10/10: Banked Time Dismissal at 1:25 PM
  • 10/13: Friends of Braddock Meeting (Parent Center)
  • 10/17: Banked Time Dismissal at 1:25 PM
  • 10/19: CA Great Shake Out/Earthquake Drill
  • 10/24: Gifted Magnet Tour, 8:30 AM, Auditorium
  • 10/24: Banked Time Dismissal at 1:25 PM
  • 10/25: Mandarin Immersion Program Tour, 9 AM, Auditorium
  • 10/30: Fall Parent Social, Noon, Parent Center
  • 10/30: Halloween Parade, 1:30 PM, Playground
  • 10/31: Banked Time Dismissal at 1:25 PM


There was recently a meeting regarding gifted testing held by our magnet coordinator.

Students are referred by their teachers for gifted testing. Fifth graders are given priority with the IQ testing. It is done from highest grade down to ensure that fifth graders have that gifted stamp on their cumulative records, so when they apply to middle school they can qualify for gifted magnets.

Second grade is typically the grade when your child is referred by the teacher for gifted testing. Your child must be observed for six months, so this typically happens second semester. By the time the test occurs, they may be in third grade.

If your child joined Braddock after second grade, don’t worry. They will still be able to test. If your child does NOT test at the gifted or highly gifted level, they will NOT be kicked out of Braddock.


If you’re like many people these days, Amazon is probably already something you use to buy presents or items you need around the house.

With the Amazon Smiles program, everything you buy is done through a special link that sends a portion of Amazon’s profits to Braddock Gifted. That new Android app or that cool new gizmo can not only make you happy, but it can help educate our children.

Please bookmark the Amazon Smiles page and use it when you shop on Amazon — nothing else will change, but you’ll be investing in your own family.